About New Vistas

New Vistas has proved to the best institute by providing proficient guidance on all the fields included in the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum. The university curricula covered by New Vistas are: Calcutta University,West Bengal State University, Kalyani University, Burdwan University etc. Providing unparalleled tuition, New Vistas has gathered a flood of praises from the eminent teachers and professors of English literature and language studies. That is why students always happily travel a long distance from all nook and corner of Kolkata, and even from outside Kolkata [e.g. 24 Parganas, Howrah, Hooghly, Nadia, Burdwan (or, Bardhhaman), and even from Midnapore (or, Medinipur)].

Why New Vistas

In CBCS framework merely the CC (Core Courses) are covered by the specialization in the fields identified with the English literature. However, besides CCs a few different fields are presented in the new syllabi which demands specializations in the fields not exactly identified with the English writing. The fields which require specializations other than that of English literature are: Philology, Prosody, Linguistics, Phonetics, Modern Grammar, ELT and Creative Writing. To speak of philology, the field demands the comprehension of a few Indo European Languages like Ancient Greek, Latin, French, German and Sanskrit, and alongside these, a more noteworthy comprehension of Phonetics and Linguistics. These specific fields, in UG courses, are incorporated into DCE (Discipline Centric Elective) or DSE (Discipline Specific Elective), AECC (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course) and SEC (Skill Enhancement Course) or AEEC (Ability Enhancement Elective Course). In post-graduation, some universities have incorporated these specific subjects into the Open Courses and Optional Courses.

It is quite impossible for a professor specialized only with the parts of the English literature to provide comprehensive guidance in UG and PG level. However, students in New Vistas must have an all-embracing guidance they require to seek after in UG and PG English courses. Thus, there is no big surprise why the renowned professors of English refer a large number of students to New Vistas.

Future of Studying English Honours and MA

Studying literature gives a perceptive eye and in-depth reading helps develop a skill for writing. This is perhaps why many students of English literature go on to pursue journalism or mass communication. Students of English have a range of opportunities once they graduate. Besides media, they can also go for civil services, advertising and of course teaching. Many students are now joining publishing houses. There is a world of opportunities waiting for them. You just need to have intense love for English. Many who are interested in academics or teaching go abroad for higher studies and research in the English literature, Linguistics, Phonetics, ELT etc. There are more examples below for those who want to work after MA or graduation with English Honours:

  • Professor
  • School-teacher
  • Content writer
  • Administrative assistant/office manager
  • Columnist
  • Development associate/social worker
  • Director of public relations
  • Dramatist
  • Editor (of a newspaper / journal)
  • Information officer
  • Interpreter/translator
  • Librarian
  • News reporter
  • Proof reader
  • Television producer
  • Film maker

Some Difficult Areas New Vistas Boasts of

I. Interpretation of Literature
Literature enjoys the lion’s share in the English MA and BA Honours syllabi. English literature is greatly indebted to the classic literature, i.e. Greek (e.g. Homer, Aeschylus etc.) and Latin literature (e.g., Virgil), and to the Bible. To make the New Vistasians well versed in these, New Vistas organizes additional classes or seminars on the classic literature (e.g. The Iliad , The Odyssey etc.) and the Bible along with their symbolic interpretations. All these are supported by the most recent researches about the subjects concerned.

II. Linguistics, Phonetics and Modern Grammar
New Vistas prides itself on the best guidance and faculty (in West Bengal along with many other states) in the field of Linguistics, Phonetics and Modern Grammar. We have a fine and up-to-date miniature language laboratory to encourage a greater understanding of the field concerned.

III. Philology
Philology is one of the most intricate areas in the BA English Honours syllabus. To handle this field adeptly, it is necessary to have (i) a sound knowledge of German as English has its origin in the Germanic language family, (ii) a sound knowledge in some other European languages, e.g. Ancient Greek, Latin, Old Norse (i.e. Scandinavian), French, German, Sanskrit etc. which have played important role in shaping the modern English language, (iii) specialization in linguistics, as philology deals with the growth and structure of English and (iv) specialization in phonetics as the borrowing of words from other languages and the changes of pronunciation and spelling of those words can properly be comprehended only by a greater understanding of the phonemes (= the minimal meaningful unit of the sound system of a language).

Therefore the study of BA English Honours under the Calcutta University has transcended the boundary of Arts and encompassed the scientific studies of languages, viz. Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonotactics, Phonology (= the study of phonemes), Morphology (= the study of morphemes) etc. The faculty provided by New Vistas has specialization in all these fields.

IV. Prosody
Prosody is another difficult area in the English Honours syllabus. Without specialization in phonetics, it is next to impossible to handle the chapter skillfully. The faculty provided by New Vistas has expertise in this field.

V. English Language Teaching (ELT)
ELT became a professional and academic field more or less five decades ago. Many researches for teacher training have been conducted in order to enhance the efficiency of an English language trainers’ in carrying out effective lessons in a classroom. In the rapidly globalized world of the second millennium, ELT as a common communication tool has become even more significant than it was fife decades ago. By introducing the history, research methodologies, and teaching pedagogies of teaching English as a Second/ Foreign/International Language, ELT will transform present students of English into better teachers of English under the current and future trend of globalization.

VI. Creative Writing
So many students are there to speak fluent English but most of them feel a writer's-block when they are to write an article on film-review, an essay or a short story. This block reaches its height when students are assigned to write a poem. To unlock this block, New Vistas applies its expertise of Pedagogy of Developing Writing Skill.