University BA English Honours Syllabi English MA Syllabi
Calcutta University CU BA English Honours Syllabus under CBCS (2018-19) CU MA ENGLISH CBCS 2018-19
St Xavier's University

St Xavier’s University BA Eng Hons Syl under CBCS (2018)

Rabindra Bharati University RBU BA English Honours syllabus under CBCS RBU MA English syllabus under CBCS
West Bengal State University WBSU BA English Honours Syllabus under CBCS (2018) WBSU MA English Syllabus under CBCS
Kalyani University KU BA English Honours Syllabus under CBCS (2018-19) KU MA English Syllabus under CBCS
Burdwan University BU BA English Honours Syllabus under CBCS (2017-18 onwards) BU MA English Syllabus under CBCS
Vidyasagar University -- VU MA English Syllabus under CBCS
Sanskrit College and University Sanskrit University BA Eng Hons Syl under CBCS (2018 onwards) --
IGNOU IGNOU BA EH Syllabus IGNOU MA English Syllabus
Calcutta University (2017-20) CU BA English Honours Traditional Syllabus (2017-18) --
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Difference in the syllabi between CU and Other Universities in UG Level

From now on (i.e. 2018), it is mandatory for the universities to follow the CBCS syllabi proposed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) to get their degrees recognized in the pan-India higher education system. To follow CBCS system, a university has to include at least 80% of the proposed syllabus., i.e. each and every university, however, enjoys a right to deviate 20% from the proposed syllabus, and the University of Calcutta is first to grab the opportunity, although WBSU, KU and BU are following the same as proposed by UGC. See the difference in CU syllabus structure bellow (highlighted part). Structure of the Calcutta University Syllabus (BA English Honours under the CBCS)

NOTE: CC is the abbreviation for Core Course which was previously known as a paper containing 100 marks. That is to say, students are to study all the 14 papers which amounts to 1400 marks. Apart from these papers, students are to take 12 courses more in their whole three year honours graduate course (see below).

Study Materials

We believe dictating notes involves students in an uninteresting activity, which is responsible for distracting students’ mind. It is nothing but a waste of time. Hence, we encourage them to write their answers themselves. To fulfill this end, P Das our material-maker, as an ELT expert, devises different new methods to unlock students’ linguistic and cognitive potential. However, we provide printed study material with the following characteristics:

1. Lengthy and challenging (Geared to score very high marks, but students have to edit the materials to suit the word limit prescribed by the university. Recommended for advanced students)

2. Short and easy, to suit the word limit prescribed by the universities. (Recommended for average students)

However, it is recommended that students take both materials to individualize their materials which is highly demanded by the university standards.


Class Tests and Mock Tests

Majority of students suffer from examophobia, i.e. they always hope against the hope that the date of final exam delay. The final examination is really intimidating to them. So mock tests give students a feel of the real exam, and help them develop the right strategies for tackling the final exams. We arrange regular class tests and mock tests and evaluations so that students have opportunity enough to avoid mistakes in the final examinations.


Payment of Tuition Fees

1. New Vistas follows a strict principle regarding payment of fees and the students are expected to follow the principle.

2. Advance fees: For the students of the final semester/year, two months' fees are received at the time of admission. From, next month, fees must be paid in advance. For others, one month's fees are received in advance.

3. It is mandatory to clear the fees throughout the semester/year, since one is admitted. That is, no gap is allowed during or after the examination of a class.

4. If any student, however, does not follow the principle, his/her name will be struck off.

Charges for Study Materials

Nil. Owing to technological advancement, students need not pay any study material charges from January, 2020. That is to say, they will obtain the study materials entirelyat no cost.