P. Das

P Das, as an active member of National Coalition of Independent Scholars, USA, and several other International Academic Associations across the globe, enjoys travel opportunities, research grants, opportunities of attending international seminars and presenting his research papers. He is an educationist with more than a decade of experience in teaching English at University level. He is renowned for his profound knowledge in the field of English literature. He is well-versed with the finer spirits of the language and holds command over several other European languages, including Ancient Greek, Latin, German, French, and more. His vast knowledge further encompasses the breadth of linguistics and phonetics, which are two vital aspects of teaching English Philology and Prosody – the imperatives to English BA Honours and MA courses. Owing to his deep know-how, P Das is counted amongst the most trusted faculty members pertaining to this field in the entire country. He is also erudite in Biblical studies, which has given him the aptitude for adeptly decoding different symbolic codes lying in the English literature. This apart, he has expertise in Pedagogy of Language development with which he enables students to shake off the Writer's Block and engage them into creative writing.

He is presently engaged in drafting an authentic textbook on English Philology intended to suffice the course syllabus in various Universities, including the University of Calcutta.

In a Nutshell

Academic Qualification:

MA, CGL, PGCTE (English and Foreign Languages University)


Vibrant Voices from American Poetry (ISBN: 978-81- 88453-24- 5), a reference book recommended for the Calcutta University Syllabus (BA English Honours, Part-3 & MA Part-2) [published by Indian Books View]

Teaching University Courses:

Since 2006

KEY SKILLS: Accomplished in

  • English literature
  • Classical, i.e. Ancient Greek and Latin literature, and Biblical studies (helpful to decode the symbolic ciphers underlying the English literature)
  • Several European languages, e.g. Ancient Greek, Latin, French, German etc. [inevitable to explain the relations between English language and other European languages (included in the English Philology Syllabus)]
  • Linguistics [inevitable to explain the phenomena of growth and structure of the English language (included in the English Philology syllabus)]
  • Phonetics [inevitable to explain the speech sounds and how they changed in the English pronunciation from their previous forms (included in the English Philology Syllabus)]
  • Pedagogy of Language Development [inevitable to unlock the writers’ block to make students accomplished in creative writing (included in CU BA Part-3 syllabus)]

Affiliation and Present Involvement

As an active member, P Das is now involved in the activities of the following international organisations:

Royal Society of Literature, UK

Cambridge Philological Society based at Faculty of Classics the University of Cambridge

Society for Classical Studies, USA

International Phonetic Association, Paris

The British Association for Applied Linguistics, UK

Society of Biblical Literature, USA

Literary London Society, London

European Association for Language Testing and Assessment

National Coalition of Independent Scholars


Somenath Das

Associate-author, A Boon Companion to Madhyamik English and A Boon Companion to HS English