First of all I am proud to be a New Vistasian. The quality education I get here is upto a perfect height. The notes and annotations I get here is absolutely perfect. Thanks to Mr Pintu Das for giving us a quality education. ...

Sudipto Ghosh, St. Paul's Cathedral Mission College



University / College : - c u

Part I/II/III : - part 2

Academic Year/ Session : - 2015

First attended New Vistas (date) : - 2014

You are-a pillar of support,an epitome of strength,as loving as a mother,as strict as a father,as caring as a friend. We like your ability to make a dry subject interesting. Your smile always gives us a nice break. Over-all thank you sir and also NEW VISTAS for giving us perfect notes and guidance. And last but not least, I would like to say that I am very happy and proud to be a member of NEW VISTAS.

Santanu Bhattachariya

I am fully satisfied with the way we are taught by our teacher Mr P Das. While comparing the methodology adopted by other eminent professors, I reached the conviction that the methodology of our faculty is the best. The in-depth explanation of the text, study materials of very high quality, weekly tests and mock tests are the secrets of my grand success; and all my friends (taking tuitions from other professors) have told me they found these facilities nowhere else.

Sonia Mondal

After joining New Vistas, I can easily understand the English literature and philology. I believe the updated and printed study materials provided by our sir, P. Das, will enable me to score above 70% marks. His lecture is quite impressive.

Tuhin Roy

I am too much satisfied. Our teacher explains every minute details of the text. His materials are too good in comparison with other professorsÂ’ notes.

Rim Paul

What is quite impressive is class tests and mock tests on regular basis. I have never heard of such things till I joined New Vistas. And the print materials are meant to save time, avoid mistakes. Besides this, his lecture is outstanding.

Antara Chakraborty

What is absolutely interesting in the English literature is the underlying meaning under the surface story. And with the guidance of our Sir P Das at New Vistas, I can now interpret the English literature from different aspects. Through his lecture, I could easily grab the difficult philosophical concepts inherent in the texts. Ultimately, I scored 552 marks (i.e. 69%). So, I strongly recommend our teacher to all students at New Vistas.

Sudip Singha Roy

He is an absolute genius. Fantastic philosopher, guide and a great teacher. He was a complete package as a teacher and was never alien in classes. I thank the website for introducing such great gentleman to me, and making me things learned easily and without hesitation and making me feel confident enough to face the world at any point of time.

Sudeshna Roy

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