Vibrant Voices from American Poetry

P. Das

ISBN: 978-81-88453-24-5
Published by: Indian Books View
Price: Rs : 160
$ 5.99

This is a treatise meant for BA (English Honours) and MA courses included in the syllabi of the eighth paper of Calcutta University among other universities. It contains the American poems of Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Sylvia Plath and Muriel Rukeyser included in the syllabi. The book is recommended by the university teachers and it is the only book in a single volume that covers the Calcutta University syllabi with Critical Approaches as well as Comprehensive Explanatory Notes. Modern Poetry is allusive and ‘difficult’; it demands extensive annotations and contextualization in order to be properly appreciated. Hence, historical and literary background and line-by-line explanations are provided as well. Beyond the College Street Market, it is also available on the e-book market, etc.

Review on * Vibrant Voices from American Poetry *

“ I have a great pleasure in basking in the joy of creation of this exposition by Pintu Das. Pintu Das is a hard working scholar and he has taken immense pleasure and pain in preparing this student friendly explication in an area which is still now marked by limited response from the students of English literature. ‘Poetry’ said Yeats ‘is the blood, imagination, intellect running together’. One can naturally understand how difficult it is to appreciate the mastermind at work in the making of a poem. Moreover there is always a conceptual difficulty especially in view of the difference of physical conditions among students of different continents. Above all, there is nothing more tiresome and mechanical than understanding a poem from an examinee’s point of view. A paper setter is the worst enemy of a poem who is out to spoil the divine poetic inspiration by his own matter-of-fact analytical dissection. This exposition excels in tracing the creative instinct of the poets as well as inspiring the students and poetry enthusiasts to go into greater depths of understanding. Pintu Das has in him a passion for perfection. He has really delved deep into the subject of his study and worked hard to make the present edition a treatise to preserve. His knowledge of Deutsch (German language) proved to be functional and worthwhile in explicating Daddy in particular by Plath. I have a conviction that this treatise will go a long way in making American poets dearer to our students and therein lies the real satisfaction of its author.” – PriyabrataChakrabarty

English Philology

P Das, along with a professor of Calcutta University, is shortly going to publish a treatise on English Philology. The treatise is on the growth and structure of the English language and is especially meant for the BA (English Honours) and MA courses for the Indian Universities including Calcutta University.