Considering the pandemic situation, the Monthly Tuition Fees, which were fixed for several years, have been reduced and will be in effect from September 2021

Reduced Monthly Tuition Fees Owing to COVID-19 Situation w.e.f. 01-09-2021

Level Monthly Tuition Fees (Rs) Frequency, and/or Duration
BA Honours (Sem 1 to Sem 6; for the bona fide students, i.e. who continue the classes at a stretch). The fees for those who seek admission at any later semester have been listed below. 1100 (Each class spans 1:45 Hours) For CU: 2 days a week For other universities: 1 or 2 days a week
BA Honours (Sem 2; for the new-comers) 1200
BA Honours (Sem 3; for the new-comers) 1300
BA Honours (Sem 4; for the new-comers) 1400
BA Honours (Sem 5; for the new-comers) 1500
BA Honours (Sem 6; for the new-comers) 1600
MA (Sem 1 to Sem 4; for bona fide students, those who continue without any gap) 1400
MA (Sem 2; for the new-comers) 1500
MA (Sem 3; for the new-comers) 1600
MA (Sem 4; for the new-comers) 1700
Demo class (any level; for 1 class) 300 1:45 Hours

Nota Bene

  1. Semester Fees: 4 months’ fees at the time of admission covers the fees of the whole semester.
  2. Minimum Fees: For semester system, the payment of 4 months’ fees is mandatory for the whole semester (in part or at one time). And, for one-year system, the payment of 8 months’ fees is mandatory.
  3. Refund Policy: Attendance to one month’s class is mandatory, and the fees for the first month is strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Those who worry about the class-environment are advised to attend a demo class. In case any student has paid the semester fees and is unable to attend classes from the second month, s/he will receive the rest of the fees. (The occurrence must be within the two months’ from the beginning of the semester).
  4. On national holidays the classes are not usually held; however, for some special requirement classes may be held on national holidays, too.